Planning a move to the Miami Region?

Did you know that more than 13,000 families own property in the Washington and Miami region?


Why I  Sell South Florida:

  • The Sunshine State
  • The Beach
  • Adventures on the water
  • New condos and houses
  • 2 hour direct flight to your perfect beach gateway
  • The finest golf and tennis clubs
  • The Best Nightlife and Entertainment
  • The Gateway to Latin America
  • Save money on your taxes, no state tax for Florida Residents that spend a minimum of 183 days in Florida


For decades Miami has been a destination for snowbirds in the winter and a perfect get away when your in the mood to let loose or simply relax.  

As one of the fastest growing cities in the world Miami is the gateway to the southern hemisphere linking South America and North America. Miami is  now moving in a different direction beyond tourism and will become a mecca for technology , finance and international trade between Latin America and the United States. 

For current owners we are your one stop resource to assist you with your real estate transitions.   We are your consultants that understand both markets and how they impact your investment and lifestyle.   With offices in Washington DC and Miami Beach we share your lifestyle and a brand name you can trust.

We are the only real estate group that provides exceptional real estate services for both regions contact us today for an evaluation of your properties or to unlock your next home in Miami.


Our Miami Beach Office

1682 Jefferson Ave #130, Miami Beach, FL 33139.